Friday, February 22, 2008

Alice Walker Blog 2

Alice Walker was a feminist writer born in Georgia, on February 4, 1944. She was one of eight children, and grew up on a farm. Alice became blind in one eye when she was very young when her brother accidentally shot her in the eye. This made growing up very different for her, as she had to acclimate to a brand new lifestyle. She has stated in books that she never felt as if she fit in, in her home town. After high school she went on to college and graduate school. She was the first woman to partake in an inter-racial marriage.

Alice is most highly known for winning the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, in 1983, for her novel The Color Purple. She has also won numerous other prizes for her writing excerpts. She has not only set the stage for women in writing, but she has also shown other African-American woman that they can do many things. She fought for her right for marriage as well as her right to write freely about taboo subjects.

I have never heard of this woman, but I was very glad that I chose her. I have seen the movie story of her book, but never really knew the background behind it. It is amazing to see women doing great things and rising above their struggles. She was an inspiration to me and I’m sure many others.

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