Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sandra Cisneros

By: Willie Gibson

Sandra Cisneros an established author poet was born in 1954 in Chicago, IL where she later attended Loyola University and graduated in 1976 with a B.A. in English. She later attended graduate school at the University of Iowa and received her M.F.A. in creative writing in 1978.
She has written many books including Bad Boys (Mango Press 1980), My Wicked Wicked Ways (Third Woman 1987, Random House 1992), Loose Woman (Alfred A. Knopf 1994). Currently she resides in San Antonio, Tx where she is unmarried and has no children. Her major accomplishments include receiving the MacArthur Foundation Fellowship award and founding both the Macondo Foundation and Alfredo Cisneros Del Moral Foundation.
Cisneros literary works fight to undo the many stereotypes that follow the Latino culture in the United States, especially those towards Latinas. Such books, including “Woman Hollering Creek,” describe the perspective of Latinas experience and oppression. She uses these stories to bridge the gap between Anglos and Latinos and to provide a voice to the Latinas that are not heard. Through teaching and counseling of high school dropouts, Cisneros has fought to bring equality, erase the oppressive patriarchy and open doors to young Latinas.
I have lived in San Antonio, Tx but never have heard of Sandra Cisneros. I think she brings a very unique point of view to understanding feminism for Latinas. She delivers a message to acknowledge oppressive situations and shares herself and life experiences to bring about change. In a world where it may seem that change is too much for any one person to accomplish, Cisneros shows that one person’s contributions can make a difference and I think that is something I can use in my own life.

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