Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lauren Suehrstedt: A league of their own

A League of Their Own

The movie A League of Their Own is an older film that talks about the upcoming of women in sports. This movie focused primarily on women playing baseball. The movie has a lot of big stars in it, including Rosie O’Donnell, Madonna, and Tom Hanks. The movie follows the girls as they become more popular with the fans. It shows the trouble the go through being women in a man’s sport kind of world. The girls also undergo some issues when it comes to their uniforms. Their sponsors decided to provide them dresses to wear to play in. The girls wear them and have a great season. As the weeks go by they draw in more fans and become quite popular. It was very unheard of to have women playing baseball at this time so many people looked down on them. They did pay attention to this though and played their hearts out. They end up winning the big series and then most of them quit playing baseball to get married and raise families.
I do not think that this movie was extremely feminist but it could have a feminist undertone. I could see this because it is one of the first times women started playing organized sports. Also, their coach did not think that the girls were capable of playing baseball and had little faith in them. He was quickly proved wrong. The women were strong and wanted to play so they did just that. I think that women were portrayed as strong confident individuals However, I also was able to observe how the outsiders viewed them, and they did not always agree with women playing sports.
I personally love this movie. When I was younger I played baseball and softball and my friends and I would always watch this movie. It was fun to go back and watch it because it had been a long time, I needed to refresh my memory. I think it is a perfect movie to show how strong women are and how they should be welcomed with open arms into the sports world, and how hard they had it in the beginning.


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