Monday, January 21, 2008

Pro-life Feminists

Pro-life feminism is an idea that abortion is wrong and that it hurts women more than it helps them. Abortion is also said to make a woman look bad in society and can seeminly cause her to look violent. It is argued that abortion is not really a choice for women, but an easier solution for men. It takes away the right of motherhood from women, and also lets the men, that also helped concieve the child, off the hook. Also, in society many women are encouraged to have abortions if they know they cannot properly accomodate to a child's needs because of monetary issues.
Pro-life feminism actually differs from other types of feminism because it is viewed as the opposite of feminism. Many people think that pro-life would not be the choice of a feminist because it is taking away the woman's right. However, many feminists beg to differ. Feminism of any type calls for some type of reform and pro-choice does not seem to be the correct answer. It is giving men and society an easy way out of helping support the women that are dramatically affected by the act of an abortion. Therefore, for one to be a true feminist and want to change and help women rise up in society, a true feminist would have to say that she is pro-life.
I completely agree with the idea of pro-life feminism. Mainly, because I am pro-life. However, I can see how some of the reasonings behind pro-life feminism can be justified. I think it does give men an easy out if their partners get pregnant. It also becomes such an easy choice in society for those women who do not have money to support a child. Instead of being helped out they are forced to terminate their pregnancy and may suffer years of psycholigical damage because of that choice. I would be willing to consider myself a pro-life feminist, but I think that that is mostly because I am choosing it because of the pro-life aspect of the idea, not because of the feminist part.

Lauren Suehrstedt

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