Monday, January 14, 2008

Blog #1 Pro-Life Feminism

Pro-life feminists strive to eliminate abortion and the social conditions that create demand for abortion. They want a society in which motherhood is appreciated as a choice, a society that does not view pregnancy as something to be ashamed of, or just a hindrance to a person's advancements.

Pro-life feminists honor all human life. Occasionally people call pro-life feminists anti choice. Pro-life feminists are anti choice when it comes to abortion. They are anti choice when it comes to rape and abuse of women. No one should have the choice to rape and or abuse women. Pro-life feminists reject abortion because they refuse the use of violence to solve a problem.

Honestly, I am not sure where I stand as far as feminism. However, I proudly label myself as a pro-lifer. I too, believe all life holds great value. 'I also want equal rights for women, but the right to kill is not one of these.'

-Michelle Rush,,

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