Saturday, January 26, 2008

Trans-Feminism (Transgender Feminism)

Trans-Feminism (Transgender Feminism)
by Gale Brooker

Tran feminism is a form of feminism that includes transgender and transsexual rights and issues, especially those of transwomen. Trans feminism has also been described as a social force working for the rights and goals of transsexual and transgender individuals.

This particular group has many struggles of their own, starting with having the heart and soul of one gender while having the genitalia of another. They also have huge economic struggles if they wish to have any medical procedures.

This type of feminism has created quite a stir among other groups. Some feminists feel they do not belong. One of the major reasons is because of how some Trans gender or transwoman behave or exaggerate their femininity. Another reason is some feel that trans genders could not possibly understand all the struggles and what it is to be a “true gender”.

Many of the ideals and goals of transfeminists are very similar to other feminist groups. One of the strongest similarities is the belief that traditional gender roles should be broken down and even abolished, creating equality between the sexes. They also believe in equality among all people.
All though I am not a trans gender, I am a woman and always have been, I agree with their plight. I do not feel it fair for people to scorn others because of their differences. We are all different. We as society are all fighting to belong.
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