Friday, November 16, 2007

Blog #3: Baby Boom

Baby Boom is a movie that is shows Diann Keaton having to take over being a mother to her sisters baby. Diann Keaton lives in NYC and had no intentions of having children, so when she was given this baby she had no idea what to do with it. She had to go through many changes in her life to make sure that the baby was taken care of. She had to interview babysitters, take time off work which made her work struggle, she lost her boyfriend and her social life did a 180.
Then she came to a realization that the city was not the place for a baby to grow up so she moved to the country where she had to learn to do a lot more for herself than she was used to doing in the city. She ended up loving her niece and starting a baby applesauce business. The business took off and she became very successful and happy with her new life.
This film has to do with gender issues because it is assumed that women are suppose to take care of children. Her boyfriend wanted nothing to do with the baby so he left. It also addresses the issue when it came to Diann Keaton having to do more things around her house in the country. Most of the things that she had to do were things that men were titled has having to be their jobs. So when she accomplished something it was a big deal. I think that the film empowers women because it shows Diann Keaton as both a working successful women in the city and then also as a "mom" that loves and makes sacrafices for her child!
I would say this film is a feminist film in a postive way because it portrays a women accomplshing so much on her own. She raised the baby and supported herself and the baby. Along the way she learned a lot and accomplished a lot.
I am actaully a big fan of this movie. I used to like the movie when I was younger so when I saw it on the list I was so excited to go rent the movie and watch it again. I think that it is a great movie to show young girls that anything can be done no matter what situation you are in.
The movie "Judy Berlin" is something you could watch to hear a reference to the movie. Also if you google baby boom you can read most about the cast from different references.

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