Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thelma and Louise by Andrea Ensley

Thelma and Louise is a 1991 movie about two friends who are fed up with their lives as they are and decided to get away for the weekend. No boyfriend and no husband, just the two of them. In fact, Thelma does not even tell her husband and just leaves. Thelma's husband is a real piece of work and Louise's boyfriend keeps stringing her along. The two women let their hair down so to speak however end up in trouble with the law. They get involved in more than one crime including murder and are on the run to avoid prosecution. Most of the male characters in the movie are depicted as real idiots.

Although Thelma and Louise get involved in a crime spreee, the movie is very friend centered. They are friend until the death. The bonding and friendship is very depictative of many women in today's society. This movie is empowering and positive for women in respect to the importance of sticking together no matter what. Their friendship sees them through some rough times.

I would consider this a feminist movie. For one, they are fugitives in a man's world. Louise took a stand against violence toward women yet did not have faith in the justice system as that system failed her. She did not see any hope for them nor wanted to go to the police to share their side of the story regarding the murder. Instead, she took the law into her own hands because the law did not protect or help her. Secondly, the movie is a vivid reminder of how many women in society have been or are treated by men. Therefore, the majority of the men in the movie ae portrayed as terrible, nasty men. To me, the movie bashes the male gender throughout but can you blame them.

I liked the film in regards to exposing some men for what they really are. Enen though this was fiImed in the 90's, men still behave this was today. I did not like the profanity, sex, murder, and suicide. Mostly, I wish it would have ended a different way. I cannot truly relate completely to the movie to any real extent however I was involved in an abusive relationship that I did eventually end. However, it took me two years. I did not want to murder him but at times I was so angry at him that I wished he were dead. It took many years to heal and forgive and move on despite it all.


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