Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blog #4 Baby Boom... Kristen Shannon

The film Baby Boom staring Diane Keaton, is set in the late 1980’s and is a film about a women in her early to mid-thirties that is given guardianship of her cousins daughter Elizabeth age 1 ½. Jaci Wyatt (Diane Keaton) is a hugely successful agent at a top advertising firm in New York City. Jaci who is also known as the “tiger lady” is famous for her long work hours, savvy demeanor, iron strong attitude and vast knowledge of business and “playing the game”. Jaci is a business woman first and foremost, and a baby was not what she had in mind. After receiving the baby Jaci finds herself at a loss, with no mothering instincts or skills she decides that she would like to take the option she was given and give Elizabeth up for adoption. Jaci at this point has spent a good deal of time with this baby especially staying up with her all night to nurse her through a cold, Jaci finds that she has become to attached to this little girl and decides not to give her up for adoption. Because of this Jaci’s works begins to suffer and she is then demoted from a major food account she was working on so that her male predecessor may take over to fill her shoes.
After Jaci leaves the advertising agency she purchases a house in the country where she has always wanted to live in a home that is “just perfect”. Jaci comes to realize that the house she is living in is a nightmare and the weather is even worse. Being barricaded in her home for a large part of the winter Jaci finds time to brew and make her own brand of applesauce which she originally makes for Elizabeth. Following the long winter and large amounts of time she spent making the applesauce she finds herself with too much for one baby and begins to sell it to the local “mom and pop” grocery store. In doing so her brand catches on with local moms and then becomes a big name on the east coast. Finally the advertising agency that she was so rudely run out of now comes calling for her. She is offered a once in a lifetime deal to take the company public and make her the partner and head of the ad campaign and of course the company.
Jaci has become a mother and now a girlfriend to the local veterinarian and decides to turn down the offer and be the mother she has now become to the baby she loves so much. This movie takes a smart, savvy business woman from “tiger lady” to mother of the year. It is a great movie that will keep you laughing for hours. I find it to be one of my favorites. Not only do I feel like it shows that women can do anything they can do it all at the same time as well. I don’t feel like this movie is a feminist movie because it encompasses so many other qualities but it is definitely a move that empowers women to not only be business women but mothers as well. I think that Diane Keaton always plays the strong, sure of herself woman, and she plays the role fantastically. I recommend this movie to men and women of all ages. It is a hilarious blend of daily life, and gum shin that should be seen and appreciated!

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