Friday, November 16, 2007

G.I. Jane-Mitch Bruss

G.I. Jane is a movie about Lieutenant Jordan O'Neil (played by Demi Moore). She is attempting to make it into a highly competeive, dangerous, and notious Special Operations training. The participants of this program are almost always men who are hand selected by high ranking government officials. Moreover, once Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil is selected for the program she faces many hardships including sexism, physical drawbacks, and even horse-trading by the high ranking government official that selected her.
The film deals with issues of gender by questioning whether certain facets of the military are gender neutral. Moreover, women are presented as a struggling group that are trying to find their place in a male centered society. I also feel that women are protrayed as a strong, empowered, and presistent group of people who, even though against great odds, still demand to be treated with the same equality as men, even in extreme circumstances such as SEAL training.
Lastly, I would most definantly consider this a feminist film. One reason I say this is because one of the producers and actors , Demi Moore, have stated repeatidly how the goal of this film was to call into question how women are treated in sexist situation and to call attention to how feminism needs to reach all women regardless of profession. My personal opinion of this film is that it had a potetnially good story to tell, but was ruined by a trite, predictable plot and overplayed and melodramtic acting that was extremely waterdown and unrealistic. - 48k - 27k

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