Thursday, December 6, 2007

Denise Haggerty-Tegan and Sara

Firstly I choose a song called "Proud" by Tegan and Sara. I was first introduced to Tegan and Sara through my girlfriend, they are her favorite band. When I first read about this assignment I knew I was going to write about this song. I had been interested in Tegan and Sara since my girlfriend first introduced me to their music mainly because they send a positive message about powerful women in their music. The song "Proud" is a good example of being a strong women with a voice of your own. This song addresses the issue of femanism with a indie, be yourself and love yourself attitude. I really feel that Tegan and Sara did a good job of presenting a positive role model for young women. The song "Proud" says "take our stand and fight for tomorrow, Finally we got something" I interpret this to mean taking a stand against mainstream America and being proud to stand for equal freedom for everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, color or race. This song makes me feel very empowered as a women, it's one of those songs that you want to sing out loud and go out into the world and make a change instead of waiting for someone else to. I believe that this song is saying that by being ourselves and using that to fight to make things equal for everyone, that is how we can change society. I am not sure however that more song's like this would make a difference in mainstream music. It seems like when music gets into the mainstream they lose their message. I really like Tegan and Sara and their message of women power I would be deeply saddened if they lost the meaning in their songs and became duplicable. If I could say something to Tegan and Sara about their music I would just want to say thank you. Thank you for creating something with meaning behind it and with a good message for all people.

Denise Haggerty
WS 200
Blog 5

Tegan and Sara

Freedom and blood
I make my mark and fight for tomorrow
Finally I've got something
Something I can raise my voice for
Fine tell them who you really want
Fine well you'll get yours and I'll get mine
I'm proud to be proud to see
They said proud
I'm proud to be proud to be me
They said tell me oh you've got to tell me
Freedom's rough
So we take our stand and fight for tomorrow
Finally we got something
Something we can bring down the house with
Fine tell them who you think you are
Fine tell them fine is what you are
And when you finally figure out what it is you need
You better think of me
No no no no
When I get up
I feel the rhythm in my fingers
I get up - I hear the rhythm in my laughter
Take a second look
You might find that I am stronger
Take a second look
You might find that you are stronger
Imagination inspiration
It's only fair that I tell you
I plan on leaving here tonight with my pride
It gets me every time
With my pride
I'm proud to be I'm proud to be me

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