Saturday, December 8, 2007

Queen Latifah "Ladies' First" - Tyler Van Drei

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Queen Latifah sang this song, it is a fairly old song as most people who know a lot about Queen Latifah already know. I would not say that I am a big fan of Queen Latifah in any degree but I have heard this song previously and did recognize it as elevating women, or being feminist. I found the song while searching through online lyrics. One of the first clues to me that this was a feminist song was how much she was saying this quote " Let me state the position: Ladies first, yes?" She is trying to put women, at the very least, on the same level as men but it seems like she is trying to elevate them above men by putting them first. Another quote that Queen Latifah uses is when she says " Believe me when I say being a woman is great," I think this is another demonstration that she is definitely a feminist and the song Ladies' First is also a feminist piece. Mainstream popular culture usually never focuses on controversial issues such as feminist however, Queen Latifah is well known as a powerful voice who expresses her opinions. That is what makes this song and Queen Latifah in general so special because she is voicing her approval of the feminist cause. I think this song does empower women, stating that women are great, they come first are all phrases of empowerment. However, I don't really think that this song fights oppression or suggests any changes that society could make to fix the problems that come with oppression. I definitely agree that if more musical artists sang about feminist issues and supported feminism that it would not seem so taboo to some people. The feminist cause could really use some more artists like Queen Latifah to actually voice their opinions and not be afraid of what society might think. If I had the option of saying anything to Queen Latifah I would thank her for actually having the willpower to stand up for a cause that she believes in whether it is feminism or some other cause. Being a feminist is not easy in our unforgiving society but she has done it well and has brought some awareness to the cause and for that she deserves a lot of praise.

-Tyler Van Drei

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