Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blog #3 Healthy Advertising

By Michelle Rush

I think this advertisement is a great one! The woman is very healthy looking. She is not too thin or overly sexy. She is not wearing an excessive amount of makeup or seen wearing trashy lingerie. I see her as a woman in her natural state in very basic under garments. This ad should not be offensive to woman in any way. I believe Dove chose this woman for this ad because she is rather normal, ordinary even, and could be our friend or a neighbor. She also has great looking skin which is what their campaign is all about. The advertisement industry should continue to look for women like her to be seen in the ads. Seeing this woman makes me more comfortable with my own body image because this woman is not that super skinny, tight stomached, as those seen in Victoria Secret's advertisements (which happen to be very sexy and unrealistic to most of us).

Cosmopolitan Magazine, April 2008.

-Michelle Rush

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