Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stevie R. Bowling - WS 200 Blog #3

Stevie Bowling
WS 200
Blog #3
Sex really does sell these days in advertisements we see not only all over the United States on billboards, magazines, TV commercials, etc. but everywhere around the world. It seems like everywhere we look we see sexy women baring it all, or sexy men hardly wearing anything with sweat dripping off their bodies. To me, it is not catchy or a good comparison to what the product really is but, more disgusting and disrespectful to men and women out there who come across these advertisements everyday.
This magazine article that I found for Dewar’s Whiskey is a perfect example. If you take a look at it closely and tie in the caption (“there should be nothing artificial about what you drink, or who you marry”) with the picture, you obviously notice a woman with very large breasts, in a skimpy swimsuit on the beach that they are using to “sell” their product. What Dewar’s is trying to sell in this particular advertisement is that their whiskey does not contain any artificial ingredients which makes such a coincidence to the attractive women’s so called fake breasts that Dewar’s is trying to show.
In my opinion, I take offense to this advertisement and believe a lot of other women would also if they saw it. First off, it makes the impression that the only body to have and be loved by men for is a skinny, very small frame. Also, they are laying it on the line that people like big breasts and if that means go get implants, then go get implants because they make it seem like that is what people want. I feel that a lot of women would take offense to this advertisement because they could have decent sized breasts themselves and a healthy body that they are comfortable with, but when they see this, I believe that it would make them feel that what they have is not good enough and that men believe that bigger is better. I think that there are a lot of ideas out there that men have when it comes to the size of a woman’s breasts and their body type. I truly believe that men admire large breasts and that women should increase the size of them if they are not “up to par”. I believe that there is a major difference between sexy and sexism and this article displays a lot of sexism because it places pressure on the women who view this ad to increase the size of their breasts because that is what men want.
When it comes to the choice one has to make on whether or not this ad is feminist or anti-feminist, I would argue that the ad is very anti-feminist. Feminism is a belief in the social, economic and political equality of the sexes. With this ad, we see a degradation of the social status of women. When women look at this ad, they feel that is what they need to look like. It does not support what feminism defines because it uses women as a way to sell their whiskey and we do not see any portrayal of men at all in this advertisement, and even if there were a man present in the ad, I believe that his role would also be degrading towards women because he would be admiring/supporting the fact that she has large artificial breasts, just what every man wants, right? Not a feminist ad what-so-ever.
The advertising world is one of America’s biggest stereotypes I believe. I feel that when they use women like they have in this Dewar’s ad, they do not portray them as a normal woman, but one who is either going under the knife to make herself and men love her more, or women who are so terribly skinny and in shape that it makes the world feel like that is the only acceptable way to be. I believe that advertising companies should take a look around and realize that not everyone is alike and they should incorporate those diverse women into their advertising instead of one “perfect” type of woman with a small frame and large breasts. Everyone deserves the right to be represented and I feel that if women would see more of the majority up on those billboards that they would find more self love and respect and learn to love themselves for who they are.
In conclusion, I feel that that women should continue to fight for who they are and how they are displayed by creating a lot of controversy over advertisements that are degrading to them. I think marketing teams everywhere should take a closer look at their finished product and have the courage to say to their co-workers that their advertisement is hurtful to some and sexist. I think that there should be regulations out there when it comes to using “sex to sell” their products, because when people look at these advertisements they question their self worth and when they see the perfect person up there, they do not feel that they are loved by all and believe that they must be skinny or have large breasts in order for people to like them and that is really sad. We need to keep fighting for what we believe is right and fight for what feminism really is, EQUALITY!


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