Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blog Entry #3

-Mandie Kohlenberg
This ad represents sexism and is very offensive to women. This ad shows a woman looking sexy in a bra. The idea is to show how good of a push up bra this particular one is and why you should buy it. But to state that if you wear this it will show your cleavage and then a police officer will not give you a ticket is giving the wrong idea to women and men. If you receive a ticket it is because you were doing something against the law. Wearing a sexy bra should have nothing to do with it. This ad shows that if you act and dress basically like a whore, you will get what you want. Like I said, this ad is very offensive. To show a woman looking sexy in a bra is one thing, but when you contain statements that show if you are sexy you can have a good outcome out of a bad situation is another. This is sexism.
This is ad is definitely anti-feminist. Just by this picture and statement it shows that if a woman who is not skinny and pretty and does not have bigger breasts can receive a ticket, but if you are all these things, you do not have to worry about it. Your body will get you out of trouble. It also shows a woman is about only her body. Women are the same as men and should be treated that way. They are about their brains, their beliefs, their personalities. They are much more than just sexy bodies to be used.
Advertisements like this negatively affect body image issues for girls and women. These ads condone girls to have wrong self images of themselves. They start believing they must be skinny, pretty, and sexy to be anyone in this world. This why many girls start at a young age of low self esteem, which can lead to anorexia and bulimia. For many women, these ads can affect them the same as young girls. They also affect how a woman feels in deserving a man. Many women believe if they do not have perfect bodies that they will not be able to be with a man and loved by a man. The people who make advertisements like this should think of the outcome of how it affects women before posting it. I believe they have a responsibility to promote images of women that are not sexist. For example, this advertisement would not have been offensive if it was not for the sexist statement they added to it.
I believe people should continuously write to these companies and state their opinions and tell them how they are affecting women’s self images. Giving them examples of what they can post in their ad that would not be offensive would also help these situations.

-Mandie Kohlenberg

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