Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gender Landscape-Ads in everyday traffic

One thing I have noticed about our culture is that ads are constantly flashed at you. In the everyday hustle and bustleds can be found everywhere. The ad I have displayed is shown mounted on the back of a taxi cab. This is just one example of how you are exposed to advertising without even thinking about it. There are ads on cars, billboards, buildings, the Internet, tel-lie-vision, radio, are constantly swarmed with ads.even if you don't what to be you are still shown them.
Looking through ad after ad a women with even a little bit of feminist education starts to notice this idealized women used in a certain manner to try to sell you something. In this advertisement that I have chosen you will see six back sides of Caucasian, Blondie women and one African American women. This ad maybe a little over the top,sex sells but it is a good example of how ads can be generalizing and offensive to women and how these are the images of women we see in our everyday lives.
Sure this ad is for a topless bar but for me to have to be shown this without a choose is offensive to me. This is not what I want to see or I want my son to see. This ad is showing women in only a body way, as if was are only a thing to look at. The women's faces aren't even showing, and there butts are starring you down. They are mostly white women with one African American for spice. They are all extremely thin, oiled and airbrushed to "perfection". This images is so stereotypical in a sexist way. No wonder women in our society have self-esteem issues, eating disorders, have plastic surgery. The women on this ad are so barbie doll image that it is sickening, but to be shown this all the time as a women I can see how it may get to ones self esteem. its not healthy for women to think they have to look like this.
I would like to see this ad with Native Americans, Mexicans, Africa Americans, Asians, Caucasians...women with hair on there legs, a red head, brown hair, short, tall, heights, and some faces. So we recognize them as people .

Taking action!
Educate the youth about not generalizing women, that diversity is good and that there are smart accomplished women out there making a difference.
Be selective of what you are exposed to. Avoid tel-lie-vision ads and radios ads. Some ads you can't escape like in traffic but you can probable decrease your exposure to them significantly.
There is also guerrilla performances done in protest of ads that are offense and stereotyping women.

Kelly Lever

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