Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Alice Walker, Marianne Moscato

Alice Malsenior Walker is an African American author born on Feburary 9, 1944 in Eaton Georgia. She is the eigth and last child of Willie Lee and Minnie Lou Grant, who were shatecroppers. When Alice Walker was eight year's old she lost sight of one eye when one of her older brothers shot her with a BB gun by accident. She attended Spelman College, a prominent school for black women in Atlanta, Georgia. During the two years she attended at Spelman she became active in the civil rights movement. She then transferred to Lawrence College in New York. There she continued her studies and active involvment in civil rights .In 1962 she was invited to the home of Martin Luther King Jr. in recognition of her attendance at the Youth World Peace Festival in Finland. Walker also registered black voters in Liberty County Georgia, and later worked for the New York City Department of Welfare.

Still living today, and is one of the most admired African American writers.
I had heard of the name Alice Walker, but could not of told you what she did or who she was. However I have saw the movie The Color Purple, but did not know that she was the author of the book.

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