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Eleanor Roosevelt by Jenny Mauerer

Eleanor Roosvelt assignment attached
Jenny Mauerer
Joelle Ruby Ryan
Women’s Studies 200
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Eleanor Roosevelt was best known for helping her husband in the making of the New
Deal. She is niece of Teddy Roosevelt and wife to Franklin Roosevelt. She was born in New York
City on October 11, 1884 (she would have celebrated her 123 birthday tomorrow!!) and died in
the same city that she was born in November 1962. Her mother and father had both pasted
away by the time Eleanor was 10. Therefore her and her siblings went to live with their
grandmother who raised them. She attended a school in England at the age of 15, that gave her
the confidence and drive that she would need to complete the tasks that her life held for her.
She married her distant cousin Franklin Roosevelt in 1905 and then gave birth to six children in
11 years.
She began to gain her knowledge in politics in 1910 when her husband joined the Senate
and has been part of politics ever since, helping her husband gain presidency in 1933. Eleanor
dedicated her life to her husbands politics starting in 1928 when he was made governor and
remained until the day he died. She did all her duties as First Lady very well, greeted people,
supported her husband, went to political gatherings and most importantly helped her husband
write the New Deal.
She used her life to contribute to feminism by making the way for First Ladies and then
some to do more than what is expected. She made herself public to people and stood on her own
with her views and spoke out to support her husband. When she stepped up to help write the
New Deal she was the first lady to have their political views in a document. Her courage and
bravery set the way for women to stand out with their views and show how they support others.

I have heard about Eleanor Roosevelt before and knew the basis of what she had
accomplished in her life. However, I was unaware of how she got to where she was when she
died. I never knew her life story, how her grandmother raised her, where she got her schooling
or how she met and married her husband and many other facts in between. I think that she is a
women that has a made an impact in our society and her legacy will forever be around.

I choice to do Eleanor Roosevelt mainly because I was in Disney World this past summer
and I thought that it was intereating because the Hall of Presidents had mentioned her and her
accomplishments during the show. Therefore, I learned some of the basis about her from that

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