Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blog #3 Casey Page

The girls are both next each other in tight dresses, and one has her eyes closed with her mouth kind of open, and the other girl closed mouth and closed eyes. This image makes you think of sex and the faces that are shown. Their body and sexuality is used to sell the Tanqueray alcohol. There is this stigma that when girls get alcohol in their system they become freer. Then you have Hugh Hefner in the back ground, and he is known for finding the sexiest girls. Yes I believe this add is offensive to women. Not all girls become freer and willing to do things that guys want us to do when alcohol is involved. It is always alcohol ads that portray women to be in this sexy mood and that isn't always the case. On TV when they talk about alcohol you don’t always see women in sexy outfits. You see men having a good time, it’s only on paper ads that women are in sexy outfits. This ad is anti-feminist. As other people have said that feminist are not about exploiting the body and getting people to accept the body. Yes they women are clothed, but it is still exploiting this very curvy yet, skinny dream girl with big breasts. Girls and women think they need this thin perfect body that has like no meat on their body and decent breasts that aren’t small. Women and girls both will go to plastic surgeons or will just crash diet and become anorexic or bulimic to get their bodies to look like that. I do believe the advertising industry has a responsibility to promote diverse images of women because it is their fault we have so many skinny girls out there today. Women need to learn that they can have some meat on them and still be sexy and hot. The marketers need to come up with another idea besides sex sells. Women need to start saying no to these types of shoots. If women start protesting these advertising agencies will have to find another way to do their ads and the companies will need to find another way to get their product to sell. Groups need to get together to brainstorm to find other ways to sell products.


Jooly Elan said...

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