Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blog#3 Bali & Women in Advertizing By Bev Ball

I chose this Bali ad because it depicts everything offensive to all women.
In this ad as you can see the woman is suppose to appear exotic and has long hair and
is scantily dressed and you see her wearing a bra. Her body is used to entice both male and females to want this product
for themselves or their girlfriends. They want to look sexy and feminine and if it is the boy
friend he wants his girlfriend to look sexy like the girl in the ad.
I think this type of ad is especially offensive to women because for one we don’t
go out half dressed showing our bra’s and what does “feeling like a natural woman” have to
to do with the wearing of a bra? It doesn’t, which is the point how absurd! But we buy into this type of advertising everyday and rarely even take notice because we have been so de-sensitized to seeing the female body used for promoting products.
This ad is anti-feminist because it projects and portrays women in a sexual manner for
the sole purpose of selling a product.
How does this effect body image issues for women and girls? It portrays that it is essentially
necessary to pose or wear products that show off breasts or other physical assets associated
with sexuality and femininity.
I believe we need to take a stronger stand and make companies accountable for how
they use women in advertising and we need to stop purchasing those products until
changes are made to portray and highlight women in a less sexually defined way.

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