Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blog Entry #3

This blog entry was easy for me to write about because I am a magazine fanatic. I am always reading the articles that they write about girls in Hollywood and all the fashion. The girl in the article that I read was about a girl and how she had a baby and needs to get back down to her old size zero to fit back in Hollywood. Her body before she had her baby was used for sex appeal. I in some ways feel that this article is offensive to women because having a baby means that you your body goes through things that you can't control and people should not be so critical of things you can't control. I think that this article has more to do with how the women is portrayed as being sexy and not as much to do with sexism. I think that article would have to be feminism if I had to pick however it does not discuss women having the same rights as men. The only way that women and men are brought together in this article is by saying how men want their women to look "sexy." I think that advertising being sexy is not a good thing if a women or young girl is not secure with themselves. For women that know they are pretty and are comfortable with themselves it is ok for them to read these kinds of articles. On the other hand, for those girls that are still getting comfortable with themselves if makes them feel as though if they do not look like those in high school that they are good enough. I think way too many young girls go through feelings like that. For the article I read the only way they could stop the publishing would be to stop buying the magazine.

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