Monday, October 29, 2007

NOVA SCHIN Non- alcoholic Beer Ad BLOG #3 by Ian Moy

For my third blog i decided to find an beer advertisement. The advertisement i found is that of a young beautiful women holding a beer in a modeled positionthe UK. The name of the beer manufacturer is called Nova Schin, they are based out of Now dont get me wrong just from viewing this artidle i have a gained interest in what this advertisement has to say. But the only catch that this advertisement has if you want to view it as a catch is that the yong beautiful model is pregnant. Holding a non alcoholi beer of course. What i get out of this artile from the standpoint of women is that this is somewhat empowering. showing that women can look visually appealing and aggressive while still being pregnant. On the side of guys i feel that this advetisement would be great for a market flooded with husbands and significant others of pregnant women. I think that many guys who have pregnant ladies in their lives could relate well to this advertisement. Because from my point of view most all pregnant women dont drink, and a committed partner probably doesnt drink either, ut to view this advertisement brings back memories of how your lover looked before she gained all the weight and the babye and how you used to drink, buyt this depicts being pregnant as sexy, and being able to drink. NON ALCOHOLIC beer, but none the less even being Non- Alcoholic doesnt mean it is completely non alcoholic. I think to an extent that this advertisement though is sexist, because it is definitely still targeting mainly a male audience while depicting a women though pregnant, in a sexy pose with short jean shorts and a small small shirt. I think that this advertisement affects womens body image by making them uncomfortable with the rigors of pregnancy, and putting unneeded pressure on themselves during those long 9 months. That is why positive support from a significant other during those months is key to keeping the womens confidence high. I also think that this advertisement promotes more variety in advertisements, but i think the wrong way, the advertisement is to sexual even with the women being pregnant. Ithink the advertisement community is obligated to keep everything on a even scale and not overindulge in sexuality and reintroduce more realistic depicitions of life, nd not the 90 mile per hour scenes of the mega cities in the world.

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Madthas said...

Consuming alcohol during pregnancy is pretty dangerous. The advertisers should have taken this precautionary measure.

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