Sunday, October 28, 2007

Clothing or Politics--Jacqui Duthie

This is an advertisement for Aeropostale clothing. This girl is being represented as a girl who thinks about many issues. Her body is being used to model clothes you can purchase at this store. Her sexuality is not being portrayed in this ad.
I do not think this ad is offensive to women. This ad is true in a sense. Women think about a lot of issues like the environment, world peace, the next president, what to wear to work, and how should we do our hair. The ideologies of gender and sexuality that are contained in this ad are that women think about everything, even their hair. The belief about gender in this ad if I had to say a negative response would be that women can be selfish. That women think about themselves more than any other topic and that we would rather buy clothes from Aeropostale than to help with the environment. The dividing line between “sexy” and sexist is when any individual takes offense to the ad or comment. Also, is when an advertisement goes to the extreme and is all negative about women, then that would be sexist.
I do not know if this ad is feminist or anti-feminist. Just looking at the ad without reading the caption, I would say that this ad is just a girl selling clothes in a appropriate manner. The caption though could be taken as that girl/women worry about their hair more than other things. However, I do not know what I would classify this article.
This advertisement does not affect body image issues for girls or women. This girl seems to be an average girl and that any girl, big or small, young or old, can go and purchase these clothes. I do believe that the advertising industry has a responsibility to promote more diverse images of women. The advertising world would send a message that all women are different and all women are beautiful in their own way. That not one body image is better than the other. And that a women can be comfortable in the body they have.
The activism that people can take part in to protest and/or oppose advertising imagery would be to petition the advertising group that their advertising is offensive. Other than that I do not think one person can change the minds of an industry. If there were hundreds of thousands of people that came together to protest than I believe we can change the minds.

image from: (Politics)


jgagne79 said...

Hey that's me :)
I have a degree in Agricultural and Environmental sciences now, focused in microbial ecology :D I was just thinking how hilarious it was when i first saw the caption they gave me, my hair - hahaha, I do care a bit, damn it...

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