Sunday, September 2, 2007

Chicana Feminism / Bev Ball

The definition I found for Chicana feminism is as follows: Chicana Feminism acknowledges both the similarities and differences with other critical frameworks of social inequality including issues of race,gender,class and sexuality.

Chicana Feminists are woman of color of Mexican decent that have been born and raised in the United States. This description has since evolved to include all women in Latin America and of Latino decent regardless of where they live.

One of the core tenets involves gender and the history of discrimination and oppression forced upon them by fathers, husbands and brothers or any male person. They now are raising consciousness with their collective voices against the stereotype of their only value being attached to child-bearing, homemaking and providing care.

The new modern name for Chicana Feminism concept is Xicanisma.

I do agree with their core values because they are the same values for all women regardless of race, class or sexuality. I think Chicana feminism can be inter-changeable with women's rights to equality.

I would be willing to call myself a Chicana Feminist because they fight the battles facing all women. I also have personal experience although white my niece's are half Spanish and I have battled along side of my sister to oppose any form of discrimination toward my niece's which was an issue especially when they were in grade school.

In closing I would like to say that I feel feminism is probably more critical for women of different races and in third worlds. I hope to see major changes in these areas in future years.

In closing I would like to share some names of famous Chicana poets, writers and activists and some interesting sites and books that may interest you if you would like more information on Chicana Feminism.

Ana Castillo, Massacre of the Dreamers, New York: Plume/Penguin Books, 1994

Gloria Anzaldua, Hacienda Caras/Making Face,Making Soul:Creative and Critical Perspectives by Women of Color San Francisco:Aunt Lute Press,1990

Other noted writers, Myrta Vidal, Cherrie Moraga

Interesting web sites: This first site is my favorite and was put together by students.

I hope you will visit these web sites and even consider reading a book from one of the listed authors. If anyone has a question I will do my best to give you an answer.

Bev Ball

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