Friday, September 7, 2007

Postcolonial Feminism

Worldwide, feminism is alive and well. One school of thought is postcolonial feminism. This type of feminism developed when women that had been colonialized by white Western domination began to stand up to the rules that went along and were forced upon them such as gender equality and oppression. Postcolonial feminists strive to kep thir own cultural identities intact wthout being Westernized. Because postcolonial feminists attempt to maintain their foreign identitythey are looked down upon by other feminists.Western feminists tend to see their progression with feminism and alienate foreign thought as if it is inferior. This idea of domination is counter productive to women who certainly know what they want and how they can achieve equality in their culture.
Postcolonial feminists have every right to defend the methods they chose to achieve the equalities they desire, especially in their culture. It is not up to Westerners, who have very racist views from having to take over and dominate, to decide behaviors in other lands that they have little, if any at all, knowledge about. I see myself as supporting feminism in other countries to the point of allowing women to decide for their particular culture.

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