Thursday, September 6, 2007

Second-Wave Feminism

Second-wave feminism is the period of time of feminist activity between the 1960’s and the 1980’s. “The movement encouraged women to understand aspects of their own personal lives as deeply politicized, and reflective of a sexist structure of power. If first-wave feminism focused upon absolute rights such as suffrage, second-wave feminism was largely concerned with other issues of equality, such as the end to discrimination and oppression.”
I feel that this type of feminism doesn’t really differ from most. The core of most or all feminist movements is the liberation and validation of women. Because of this the second wave feminism does not vary from other types of feminism. I wouldn’t say that I was a second-wave feminist because I did not experience any of these movements in the time period in which this was a popular phenomenon. Had I been old enough to experience these things I feel as though I would have done so. I feel that the equality of women does not come in phases with time. Ever since the beginning of feminism the goal has been to make women an equal. Because of such movements as the first, second, and third waves of feminism women are one step closer to truely becoming equals in the home, work, and educational world.
In researching this topic along with searching, I also received a bulk of information from speaking with my mother and aunt on the topic, because this was a time period that they would be very familiar with. I feel that internet is a great way to find information but hearing first hand from someone who lived through the times is the best source of information.

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