Friday, September 7, 2007

Cultural Feminism/ Brittany Westerbeck

Cultural Feminism focuses on biological differences between genders and works to add status to usually undervalued female attributes. They promote the theory that not only are women's differences physically, psychologically, and emotionally unique, but superior to men's. Examples of what they focus on are childbirth, menstruation, the idea that women are more about "love" and less about "war." Cultural feminism works to make men and women equal by cherishing these ways of thinking and qualities that only women possess. Instead of focusing on differences between men and women in a negative light, they see these differences as positive and try to make men and women feel better about them.
I think cultural feminists have a great point. Instead of fighting for women's equality with war, why not fight it with love and understanding? They live up to their ideals in that way, men won't feel so "defensive" about feminism and are more likely to understand and listen, and everyone ends up more educated in the end. I think it's great that they focus on menstruation and childbirth as positive things. It will help all the young girls who think it's "weird" not to because it's not weird, but perfectly normal, and makes you better than men in that aspect. Men don't get to feel that special bond between mother and child. I think that's something important to focus on when discussing why women should have equal rights. I could be willing to call myself a cultural feminist but without thinking that these attributes make women "better." Unique is a great word, but not better.


Jane Addams
Linda Alcoff
Maggie Humm

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