Friday, September 7, 2007

Denise Haggerty, Third Wave Feminism

For this blog post I choose to write about third wave feminism. Third wave feminism was a movement in the 1990's that came about because of the failure of the second wave feminists to spread the message of feminism and to clear up the backlash that the second wave feminists had caused. One of the main tenets to Third wave feminism is it's views on gender and sexuality. That is to say that Third wave feminists are people who had the luck of growing up with equality and later learned about gender roles and feminism. This third wave feminism is different from other more traditional types of feminism because the third wave feminists grew up with a sense of equality and later gained a better understanding of feminism. These third wavers learned how to integrate a new feminist view and continued to mature and better understand these views in college. They brought a new approach to feminism.
The core value of gender in the third wave movement is the one that I most identify with. The idea of how our gender affects our values and beliefs and how this influences our choices in life and our thoughts toward feminism is something I agree with. I agree with this view of gender playing a role in peoples views of feminism and femininity. I have had experiences in my daily life of how gender roles influence how people act and treat me. I would even go as far as to say that I am a third wave feminist.
For this blog I used the website and also a book called Third Wave Agenda by Leslie Heyword. I also used a website called I think some of the people who best represent third wave feminism are people like Anita who was important in the beginning of the third wave movement. Other feminist leaders who were important to the third wave movement were Gloria Anzaldua, Bell Hooks, and Chela Sandoval just to name a few of the amazing women who helped bring third wave feminism to life.

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