Friday, September 7, 2007

Trans-Feminism (Transgender Feminism)/ Marianne Moscato

Trans-Feminism is defined by Wikipedia as, the application of transgender discourses to feminist discourses, and of feminist beliefs to transgender discourse. It also concerns the establishment of transfeminism within mainstream feminism, having specific content that applies to transgender and transsexual people, but much of which is also applicable to all women. In other words trans-feminist believe that each person has the right to define their own identity and should be respected no matter how they identify themselves. On the other hand many traditional feminists believe that trans issues do not belong in feminism. They say this because they believe people who are only born women can identfy with women. I disagree with that statement because many women go through life with having identity issues, and people can always relate and see in other people if they really want to and try. I do not agree with traditional feminist because they are part of the feminist group to reach equal rights and equal chances, but at the same time they are being hyprocrytical judging and discrimating against a group of people.

Since I do not live that type of life style I could not consider myself to be a trans-feminist. However I am not saying I do not see their view points with wanting equal rights and a chance to be heard. I am not saying I disagree with their lifestyle however I cannot relate with them and their feelings because I have never been in their situation. But I do believe that each person has a right to be heard and no one should be discriminated against on the way they identify themselves. It is simply a lifestyle that they can indentify with, and many people go through life unable to find their own true identity. Therefore it shows how strong of an identity transgender individuals have with knowing themselves and should be given the right to express it.

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