Thursday, September 6, 2007

Prolife Feminism

What is pro-life feminism? Pro-life feminism is defined as the opposition to abortion based on feminism. This viewpoint asserts that abortion is not a necessary right but instead hurts women more than it benefits, that abortion does not empower women. Early feminists and feminist pro-life groups see abortion as:"a tool used by patriarchal culture to keep women in submission," that abortion is an evil, forced upon women by men. Some feminists feel that abortion can never be a right; "when society considers abortion as a solution, then society has let that woman down by giving her the only violent choice of abortion, this act of violence kills an innocent person and harms the woman physically and psychologically." A true feminist wants and demands true reform, that women have the tools needed to have children and have a career, since financial difficulty is one of the main reasons women give for having an abortion. Women who were given true respect and equality would not need abortion as a choice.

Feminism to me is a woman's right to choose whatever she wants to do or be within the limits of not hurting someone else. I do not feel abortion should be used as a form of birth control! If a couple is going to have sexand they do not want children then they should be diligent about using birth control. I don't believe that it is only the woman's responsibility for birth control, but if she does not want to get pregnant then be sure to use birth control period! and the need for abortion! I guess I would have to say I am a Pro-choice feminist. I feel a woman should have the right to choose period!
My resources for this were the internet, Wikipedia, some of the names mentioned in the article that I used were early feminist, such as, Susan B. Anthony, and one who is famous, actress Patricia Heaton.

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