Sunday, July 22, 2007

1) How is the girl/woman represented in the ad? How is her body and/or sexuality used (or not) to sell a particular product?
The woman is being as being sexy. Her body is being used to sell a bra. It is saying this bra will accent her breasts and you can get more of what you want. The one part says Planning to talk her husband into a cruise. Therefore, it gives the idea more guys will notice you and pay better attention. Most women are always looking for a way to get what they want or hold a guys attention so if this bra can do that then they would be likely to buy it.
2. Do you think this ad is offensive to women? Why or why not? What kind of ideologies of gender and sexuality do you think are contained in this ad? What is the dividing line between “sexy” and sexist?
I do not find this ad offensive. It is selling a bra so there is a point for her to being half naked. It isnt like they were selling a toaster or anything they were selling underwear. I think it passes the ideals that you have to be sexy to get what you want. A guy would be more willing to listen to you if you were half naked. These are not necessarily good ideals to pass on. In this add they passed to line when they added the phrases below about talking to her husband about the cruise. The add would have been just sexy then. Now they make it looks like this is how a girl needs to look in order to get something from her husband.
4. How does advertising affect body image issues for girls and women? Do you believe that the advertising industry has a responsibility to promote more diverse images of women? Why or why not?
I think the advertising affects the body images for girls and women. The woman in the ad is very skinny. I think it show that is what people prefer. Advertising should have a responsibility to promote diverse images of women. Maybe then we would not have so many cases of weight issues in the female world. I also think that it has even started to affect men as well. Guys and weight issues are also on the rise somewhat. Therefore I believe the media needs to promote more diverse images all together. So many teens fight wieght issues everyday and maybe by showing a diverse group of people then they will become more comfortable with their body.
5. What kind of activism can people take part in to protest and/or oppose advertising imagery that they find offensive or harmful to women and girls?
I think women need to write into the company the ad is promoting and the adverstising company that came up with the campaign. They need to flood their offices with millions of letters. If the item is not an everyday need then maybe go as far as boycotting the item. I think letters and emails would be an effective way of getting the point across though. It has to go not just the company the product is made by but also the people making the ads. They believe sex sells therefore you would have to show through numbers that some things will not be tolerated

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