Sunday, July 1, 2007


According to Wikipedia, Lesbian feminism is a feminist ideology, most popular in the 1970s and early 1980s, that advocates the view that lesbianism is the logical result of feminism. It was mainly associated as a movement that was caused out of dissatisfaction. Many lesbian-feminists believe most strongly in separatism. This is their strongest and most controversial stance in the movement. By practicing separatism, lesbian-feminists believe that it is necessary to completely reversing the way the world works today. Instead of men having powerful positions at work, and going to gentlemen’s clubs, that the world should have women that contain the powerful jobs and go to ladies clubs. Some lesbian-feminists believe that all women should participate in women's sanctuaries and consciousness-raising groups. They believe that all women need a chunk of time everyday that is committed to being away from men.

Lesbian-feminism is very different from other types of feminism. When most people think about the feminism movement, they are lead to believe that it is something that stands for abolishing men. This is a typical stereotype for the feminist movement in general, but not for lesbian-feminism. Instead, this is exactly what lesbian-feminist want. They believe that it is unnecessary to have men in the world.

I do not believe in any of the beliefs of lesbian-feminists. They are very strong statements and can be very harmful to society. I believe that all women need men, and all men need women. Even if a person is ‘gay’ and they are interested in the same sex as themselves, they still need the opposite sex. I believe that the opposite sex provides the balance of society that is necessary for functioning. All men should have some friends that are women, and vise-versa.

By: Leah Christian


Sarah Lucia Hoaglan, writer of; Lesbian Ethics: Toward New Value (

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Mabel said...

Not all lesbians have the same ideology, so to say that you 'do not believe in any of the beliefs of lesbian-feminists' is rather misjudged.