Sunday, July 15, 2007

G.I Jane By Blake Romp

The movie that I selected to discuss is G.I. Jane. I choose this movie becuase I have seen it before and it was a movie that I liked. The movie is basically about Demi Moore who tries to undergo Special training forces. She successfully enrolls in the Navy seals where everyone there expected her to fail and not make it. The first test that she has was to go through an elite training course based on the training of the Navy Seals. The congress women select Lt. Jordan (Demi Moore) because she is physically more feminine than the others. She has to survive s grulling bootcamp that they put her through. She handles the bootcamp and allof the punishment that she goes through through out the movie. Later in the movie they think that she is a lesbian, and is fraternizing with other women. Those are the main points that took place. I do not want to go into total detail becuase it is a movie that should be seen so I dont want to give away all what happens. But what I talked about is a quick breif explanation of what it is about (Wikipedia).

This movie has a alot of gender issues that is involved. Demi Moore is being disrespected and hated on the whole movie. She goes through hell in the movie. She is standing up for all women, so they have a chance to succedd in the Navy Seals. Women are not represented well in this movie. It is more of an mascualine movie I think becuase it deals with bootcamps and most of the characters are males. Demi Moors is the main female characted in the movie and she is basically treated liek a male and goes through all the things a male would go through. I think the movie gives a positive empowering representation of females becuase it shows that women can also go through the bootcamps and become a Navy Seal just liek men can.

I would not consider this a feminist flim. I think it is more "rugid" and masculine. You do not expect a female to go through all the things that Demi Moore did and excell in them. I think it should more of a masculine side of her that some women have which is not a negative thing. I personally thought it was a good movie becuase it dealt with the Navy and I always like watching movies that deals with "War" or bootcamp movies. I really liek how she shaved her head so that she was just liek all the other guys in the camp. I thought that was really cool. I also liked watching allthe characters go through the bootcamps. It is defiantly a movie that I would reccomand to others to see. It does not really relate to my own personal experience. I have a friend over in Iraq fighting. So watching the movie now lets me know what he had to go through before he went over there. I have had no real experience like they did in the movie. i do not think I owuld even be able to last in a bootcamp.

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