Sunday, July 1, 2007

Cultural Feminism

According to Wikipedia Cultural Feminism is the theory that there are "personality and psychological differences between men and women, and that women's differences are not only unique, but superior." Women are known to be kinder and gentler. By bringing the womens culture in to the male-dominating world they believe it will result in less violence and fewer wars. Cultural Feminist believe that the "woman's way" is the better way. They are celebrating womens special qualities. They believe that the world needs the traits of a women such as openess to emtional experiences and lower levels of aggression to create a peaceful coexistence. Cultural feminist believe that if women ruled the world there would be no more war and it would be a better place. It is different from other types of feminism because I feel that cultural feminism is all just thinking that they are better than men and a lot of other type of feminism tries to just prove that women are equal to men. I personally believe thats rediculous. I agree that women should embrace their differences and that we are ingeneral kinder and gentler and thats how we were built. But men were built like they were for a reason. I would not really consider myself a cultural feminst because I don't believe that if women took over the world it would be a more peaceful place. There is not proof that a womens way is better than a mans way and vice-versa. It seems to me that this type of feminism is sexist towards men and thats exactly what feminist are trying to get away from.


~Emily Chumbley

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