Thursday, July 19, 2007

Versace Advertisement by: Leah Christian

I chose this advertisement for the designer; Versace.

1. The woman that is placed in this add is obviously a model for Versace. The woman that is represented in this add shows screams out 'to wear Versace, you must be super 'skinny'. Her body is purposefully in a shape that advertises her body; which is stick thin! This picture displays a lot of sexuality, and shows that 'Versace is sexy'. The woman is very slender and seems to be 'squatting' very easily.
2. This add could be very harmful towards some women. This add would easily steer away anyone who is not confident about their size. On the other hand, this add would attract women who have a large amount of self confidence, and possibly men. This add defiantly shows the female body and its sexuality. This add is aimed mainly to capture the eyes of women. Although this add shows the sexiness of a woman, it does not show the sexIEST, of women. This add is very conservative, but still has a sense of 'sexy' that is displayed.
3. This add is anti-feminist. Many would say that feminism is about equality of all women, and not all women are a size zero. This add steers its viewers away from the ideas of feminists. The feminism movements are about proving that it is O.K. to be who you are, inside, while this add shows just the opposite; you must be a size zero, elegant, and sexy, to be considered 'normal'.
4. The main cause of teen-age girls being anorexic, and have the constant belief that they have to be skinny, or blond to fit in, is from advertisements and television. Many young girls, and boys, look up to many models, television and movie stars, for role models. Everywhere you look, there are billboards of designer clothing, and all the people that are in the adds are, usually, skinny, and blond. If the advertising industry would advertise a variety of people that are varying in clothing size, hair color, eye color, ethnicity, then many young, and older, women and men, would not have such insecurities about themselves. All forms of the media put a HUGE emphasis on one's appearance.
5. To overcome the media's stereotypes people, of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities need to come together and protest. This could be as easy as not buying clothing from a store that advertises with all size zero women. This could also go as far as setting up outside of the store and tell people about their beliefs. People could write emails, letters, or call the advertising offices, stating their opinions on their poor advertising imagery.

Overall, many advertising agency's need to make drastic changes to make the advertising industry much more diverse. If advertisement agencies do change their ways, there will be a huge change on the average American's outlook on life.

By: Leah Christian

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Women's Studies 200 Class said...

I have to say that this advertisment is sick. Absolutely disgusting! Who looks at that pin-thin girl and thinks that she look attractive? She's just so skinny that it makes the clothes look awful. There are not very many women walking around that look like that, so I don't see how this advertisment is appealing to the masses at all. Versace needs to get real.

Stevie Bee said...

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