Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thelma and Louise - By: Brian Miller

1. Give a one-two paragraph synopsis of the film. What is the film about? What are the most important things that happen in the film? Condense the information so that someone unfamiliar with the film can get a sense of what the film is basically about.

The movie is about two women, Thelma and Louise, who want to go on vacation in order to get away from their everyday lives. Shortly after they leave for this vacation, they stop at a bar to get some drinks. Thelma starts to flirt and dance with a guy who then proceeds to get her drunk. After she is so drunk that she feels like vomiting, the man takes her outside and attempts to rape her. During this part, Louise comes out and points a gun at the man’s head and tells him to let her go. The man lets Thelma go and then continues to mouth off to Louise saying things like “Suck my dick!” Louise tries to make the man apologize, however he refuses. Louise then shoots him saying that that is no way to treat a lady. They then proceed to run from the scene of the murder. During the rest of the movie, these two women run from the cops and continue to make men treat women right. When they ran into men that treated them wrong, they made them pay for it. An example of this is when they blew up a semi truck because the truck driver was talking dirty and making obscene gestures towards them. The moral of the story seemed to be that you need to treat women fairly or else they will turn and fight you in the end.

2. How does this film deal with issues of gender? How are women and/or girls represented in this film? Do you feel that the film gives a positive or empowering representation of females?

This film deals with issues of gender through men seeing women as nothing more than sexual objects. These women combat these stereotypes through being strong, independent women who will stand up for themselves. I feel that this film gives a positive and empowering representation of females because they were the strong characters in the movie, while the male characters tended to be weak minded and viewed women as sexual objects. This movie portrayed that women had their own feelings and needs. In the beginning of the movie, it showed that Thelma was supposed to stay at home in the kitchen per order of her husband. She grew out of that role as soon as she left for this “vacation” because she said that she was tired of just sitting in the house with nothing to do.

3. Do you consider this a “feminist” film? Why or why not?

I would consider this a feminist film because these women were fighting for all women. They were fighting for women not to be talked to like they had no feelings and it also portrayed these women as strong and independent women.

4. What is your personal opinion of this film? Did you like it or not? How does it relate to your own personal experience?

I personally enjoyed this film. There was a lot action and humor all of the way through it. I cannot really relate to this film because I have never been in a situation anything near what these women went through.

5. Please provide 3-5 resources (articles, books, websites) where readers can learn more about this film.


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