Sunday, July 29, 2007

What's Cookin by: Blake Romp

The movie that I choose was not very intersting to me. I really did not get into it so I do not have much to say about how I liked it or not. It was basically about fourhousholds who celebrate Thanksgiving together and they bring some of there frineds with them. There is a lot of ethnic differences that take place during the movie. There is a lot of tension between the families and the children. It is crazy how they were able to have them all at one place at the same time.

I think the women were not treated very well in the movie. I felt that they were disrespected throug out the movie. I felt like the males dominated them and did what they wanted with them. I really did no consider ths a feminsit flim. Myabe becuase I never got into the flim enough to undertsand the whole thing. It is hard for me to discuss it because I did not liek it at all. I thought it was a like "Christmas Vacation" but a bad version of it becuase that was a funny movie. i did not like how all of these things came up at the dinner table liek a gun, an affair, and so on. Those are weird things to discuss at a family dinner table. Sorry i do not have a lot to say but i picked a bad movie i guess

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