Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stepford Wives Kevin Syphard

The Stepford Wives is about a small community where all the women are housewives doing anything they can to please thier husbands. These women act like the model housewives. Then the new family in the nieghborhood found all these wives have been replaced by robots. The husband wanted in where the wife was finding a way to stop it. This movie has to do with feminism because it shows how men think thier wives should act. They do all the household chores, cook, take care of the kids with no complaints. The wives also cater to thier husbands every need. It shows women in a way that thier role should be at home. The movie deals with the issues of gender by showing women that they should obey thier husbands. I do not feel the movie empowers women. For most of the movie they are pretty much thier husbands slaves. Anything their husbands want they do. I think the movie itself is a good movie. It is a scifi movie so I cannot really have any personal experiences. In my opinion that is not how i would want my wife to be. I like independence. I do not believe she should have to rely on a man to do stuff for her. I would like a girl who could take care of herself and have her own friends not waiting around to see if we are going to hang out or not. So personally that is not the life i am looking to have.

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