Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sex Ad: By Blake Romp

From a male's point of the, the female looks to be the dominant person in this ad becuase she is on top of the male. I think mosyt people would label her as "skanky" or other words like that. If the guy was on top I do not think he would be labled the same becuase guys do not get labeled liek women do with actions like this one. I think her body is being used as a sex symbol. The ad to me says if you where Tommy Hilfiger then you will be able to get females like this and get them in the bed. It is all about the "sex" in this ad. They want you to feel sexy wearing these clothes. I look at these ad being a males ad. But if you really study it it is the women who plays a key role in the ad. We all know that sex sells, so the women is being used to let us know that this clthing line will allow you to get beautiful women on the beach only if you wear this clothing line. If the women was not in this ad it would not be good at all. The female puts some flavor in the ad. I think women are being used wrong in this ad becuase she is the domaint person in this ad just becuase she is on top of the male. It looks like this femal wants this man becuase of his clothing and not becuase of his looks. I think women are misrepresented in a lot of the ads they are in becuase "sex" sells and they spiece up ads.
I think it is more of an anti-feminist ad. To me it looks like they are promoting sex. Most ads do that. I think the main part of this ad is the female and the beach. Becuase people fantaise about being on the beach with a beautiful female and having her. This is exactly that. What is funny is that some poeple think that they can buy this clothes and it will help them get women becuase this is what the ad is about. If they had a guy walking on the beach by himself with Tommy Hilfiger on it would be the same as this ad but not sexually. I think this ad promotes sex and that the females are the one who is asking for it. With her being on top it allows the audiences to see that she is the one who is asking for it. If the male was on top it might be a different story but the ad then might be like a perfume ad for women so that they male was chasing the female. I think the more they promote diverse ads the more people think that it works for whatever they are advertising. I think a hughe problem with ads like this is that young girls and boys see this ad and think that it is right what they are doing in the ad. I think boys will get the idea that they can be like the guy in the ad and get all the girls when really all the ad is doing is telling the audiecne to purchase Tommy Hilfiger clothing. I do not think that "sex" ads will never stop becuase we all know how "sex" sells and they are right that it does.

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