Sunday, July 1, 2007


When I saw that I was assigned to Anarcha-Feminism, I can honestly say that I had never heard of this kind of feminism before. I assumed that the “Anarcha” had to do with anti-authority feminists and that this would probably be an easy topic to cover for this blog. Little did I know. After researching it now for the half my day, I see that Anarcha-Feminism includes anything from women all the way to the rights of the earth and animals. Basically, anything that has ever been in the minority or has ever faced prejudism and abuse. If you or anyone you know has ever faced adversity or prejudism, just know that there’s an Anarcha-Feminist out there rallying for your rights of you and all the other underdogs. Anarcha-Feminists think that the best way to go about achieving equal rights for all of these subjects is through an anti-capitalist and anti-authority society. They believe that living in a world of hierarchy is comparable to living in a house of patriarchy, and that all hierarchy’s and dominance in general should be eliminated. They take this anti-authority into all aspects of life, including the right to abortion for women, in that the government has no right to tell women what to do with their bodies. They are also anti-marriage, promoting individualism and believing that marriage suffocates and hinders personal growth. There are a few different groups who fight for these beliefs, including the Mujeres Libres, who organized themselves after the Spanish Civil War. I actually tried to infiltrate this group in order to acquire more information for this page, however my request for membership was denied.

I don’t fully agree or disagree with the main tenets of the Anarchist Feminists. I think that the dreams and goals of this group are entirely far-fetched and only belong to that of a utopian society. I do respect and commend them for their persistence in pursuing the dream of a free and equal society where class, sex and race aren’t factors and respect for the Earth is shared by everyone. I don’t believe that I would call myself an Anarcha-Feminist because their perspectives are entirely too extreme left-wing. For those individuals who refer to themselves as Anarcha-Feminists, I say to them: “You go girl!”. You have a long road ahead of you, but you do your thing!

By: Marisa Aguilera-Wells

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Roger Nome said...

New Zealand's most popular political blog has just completed yet another post on "silly women and their boobs" - with the tag "humor" as a cover for its blatant misogyny.

Obviously I find this stuff really creepy, annoying and demeaning. So if anyone wants to show this what's wrong with his "humor" please feel free to join me in leaving a message or two on the following page: