Sunday, July 1, 2007

Socialist Feminism - Crystal Fitzthum

Socialist feminism focuses on both the economic and social aspects of women's lives. While political change is important, socialist feminism also focuses on issues within society, such as within the home and the workforce. "With the realization that what we saw as personal problems were in fact social ones, we have come to understand that the solutions must also be social ones. With the realization that all women lack control over their lives, we have come to understand that that control can only be gained if we act together. We have come to understand the specific needs of various groups of women and that different groups of women have different ways in which they will fight for control over their own lives." (

Going along with this, Barbara Ehrenreich says, "You are a woman in a capitalist society. You get pissed off: about the job, about the bills, about your husband (or ex) , about the kids' school, the housework, being pretty, not being pretty, being looked at, not being look at (and either way, not listened to), etc. If you think about all these things and how they fit together and what has to be changed, and then you look around for some words to hold all these thoughts together in abbreviated form, you'd almost have to come up with "socialist feminism." (

Socialist feminism is a positive movement that encompasses all aspects of a woman's life. In order for socialist feminists to achieve their goals, there must be political, social, and economic change.

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