Sunday, July 1, 2007

Cyberfeminism--Tiernay Tilford

1) My topic was Cyberfeminism, by the name it is pretty easy to figure out what it has to do with but by doing more research I was able to get an indepth approach. The term Cyberfeminism was first used by VNS matrix in their 1991 cyberfeminist manifesto. Cyberfeminism is used to describe the practice of feminism applied to or practiced through cyberspace. Cyberfeminism doesn't have a strict definition because at the beginning of the movement cyberfeminist avoided proper clarification and at the first international Cyberfeminist convention they spent all their time saying what Cyberfeminism was not instead of what it was. The belief of Cyberfeminism is that with the acceptance of technology in cyberspace all will shed their gendered bodies and become one.
2) I honestly believe the idea of Cyberfeminism is kind of stupid. I think it seems as just a reason for someone to tag their name on something and get credit of creating something new. It doesn't even have a complete definition of what the beliefs are or are not as well as how exactly to follow or say you are a believer in Cyberfeminism. They say that cyberfeminist base their followings off of one certain feminism so why not say they are "X" believers instead of cyberfeminists. I understand the idea of bringing feminism to cyberspace yet I don't believe that there is a need to title it or gain acknowledgement over the fact that you are doing so. There is no way that I would claim myself as a Cyberfeminist, for one there is no way I would know how to considering they don't even give you a full explanation on what the belief or practice is and second if I wanted to declare myself any type of feminist I would do so with a angle that seems more declared.
3) I researched all my information off of it had different explantions and gave me a good idea of what Cyberfeminism really is.

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