Sunday, July 1, 2007

New Feminism, By Blake Romp

1. The topic that I got is New Feminism. It recognizes and supports certain ideas regarding the strengths, perspectives, and roles of women, while advocating the equal worth and dignity of both sexes. It was originally used in Britain in 1920's from traditional mainstream suffragist feminsim. These women wer very concerned with motherhoof. They strongly favor family allowances paid diretcly to mothers. X feminism is hard to describe. I asked my mother for help on it and she had a hard time figuring out how to explain it to me. So she thinks it means women not having the same right as men??? I am not so sure if that is right though. It's hard to compare it to the other types of feminism becuase it is too hard to actually describe it.

2. New feminist vaule the liking of God and how their bodies are. I agree with both of these assortions becuase I also value my body to look good and I also belive and value God. I dont know if I would call myself an "X" Feminist mainly becuase I really can not get an idea of what it is.

These are the sources that I used:
My mother
I think my mom helped me out alot becuase she is a female and has a better understanding of the topic. She able to help me a little on what X feminism meant but had a hard time explaining it to me and finding a good definition.

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