Thursday, July 19, 2007

Advertisment Review~Tiernay Tilford

This is the advertisement that I reviewed. I think that it is a perfect example of the term "male domance".
1) In this ad the women is laying on a block or type of table being held down by one guy while others are standing around watching, seeming as if they are "waiting their turn." By the way she is laying down she has her pelvis up in the air towards the direction of the guy holding her down in a sexual way she is "displaying" herself to him. The product they are attempting to sell is Dolce and Gabbana clothing yet you can barely see what the girl is wearing because you are viewing her on her side while laying on her back. Then all of the guys are shirtless so its not really displaying much for their mens clothing line.
2) When I came across this ad I was disgusted. The fact that this is a very pretisge clothing line and it is wanted by many women then they are displaying women in a "toy" sort of way is ridiculous. Showing that women should always be on their backs and giving into men in order to be "fashionable" or "trendy". The line is very thick in this ad between sexy and sexist. For the fact that their is no full shot of the girls face and she is overpowered by men while laying on her back. That is not sexy it is displaying women in a dominated state.
3) This ad is, by no question, sexist. The girl is on her back, getting held down by a man while four others are standing around watching. Looking at her in a "fresh meat, let me be next" type of way.
4) Body image in this ad displays girls to be frail, weak and incompetent of protecting themselves. I enjoy fashion ads and seeing what industries come up with but this ad for sure was taken too far, by giving girls an idea of giving into men and not sticking up for themselves. Just laying down and taking it, in a sense.
5) By looking at this ad I understand that models have a job and this is their living but by all of them protesting to do ads that portray girls to look like this would be one start. Why the use of men in this ad? Use two ads, one of a girl on her own looking sexy and powerful in the clothes, then the other on the guy looking strong and individual in his ad. There is no need for the girl to be held down and stared upon by 5 guys. I think companies should really look at the message they are sending and create a strong stereotype for women instead of making them look helpless.

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Women's Studies 200 Class said...

By viewing this advertisment I feel like I'm witnessing a gang rape and I should help the woman out. She looks like she might get hurt by this mass of shirtless men. Seriously I don't want to witness a gang rape in advertisment, it really does not help sell the product. It's like Dolce & Gabana is saying, "Wear these clothes and you'll be sure to get raped!" Right, just what I always wanted. Once again, a totally unnecessary advertisment that does not make me want to run out and purchase these clothes.